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Name?:Lisa McDonald Age?:21 Lj username:?mason_jar What have you done…

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Name?:Lisa McDonald
Lj username:?mason_jar
What have you done to try to live healthfully?:I try to only drink water with meals and in between meals
How much do you weigh?:160lbs
How often do you work-out?: at least 4 days of hard cardio a week for an hour at a time. 1 hour a week of total body weight liftting. I am a member at Goodlife fitness, if you guys know what that is and i love the bodystep class the most!
What's your fave junk food?:Fast food especially Wendy's # 7
What's your fave healthy food?: I like raw veggies, and Subway

I started actually working out at about this time last year and started at 185lbs. The first 25lbs wasn't hard at all to lose. But I didn't change my eating habits, therefore I have lost weight in monthS! I am getting so frustated with it. I know I have to change what i eat but I do not want to! So I am in the being stages of comtemplating changing. I need to make the commitment. Exercise is not hard, its the eating part that is hard for me.
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On August 5th, 2006 05:48 am (UTC), hyper_roo commented:
Welcome! (Sorry it's been so long, life's been hectic)
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