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Relaxing vacation

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I'm in Phoenix, AZ right now and I'm feeling a whole lot better than I have lately. I've been sleeping well, doing yoga, goin swimming and watching my portions better. When I ea dinner w/ my grandparents I'm suddenly very watchful of my portions, partially because I'm eating at a dinner table here and because I don't want them to feel dissapointed in me. They always worry about my weight and health so I take care too really watch how much and what I eat when I'm here. I need to have tat mind set all the time, I've noticed how much I crave junk food when I;m bored and how much I want (WAAAY too much). I know it's easier here because I'm not stressed about all the things that I would ussually be so I'm noticing this about myself. When I'm depressed and stressed about life I tell myself it's okay because I'm so upset and need something too make me feel better. That's not the way too do it, I'm learning crocheting and knitting and I have a huge reading list I want too be done with by the end of the year, so hopefully I won't be bored anymore.
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